Recycling Solvent Waste – A must for any paint operation!

Used solvent combined with paint waste is often the largest waste stream in the shop. These automotive refinishing shops and Manufacturing operations experience a significant amount of solvent waste due to the use of solvent used in the process of cleaning paint spray guns and flushing systems.  This solvent waste may be managed by shipping solvent waste off-site to a hauler who may recycle the solvent or sell it to a kiln operation or invest in solvent recycling equipment that will allow the shop to deal with the solvent waste on-site. Whether on-site and off-site recycling is chosen, solvent waste is handled by a distillation process that separates and reclaims solvent from waste paint or solvent mixtures. When deciding to recycle solvent waste on-site a shop may reduce regulatory requirements and future liability, with an end result is saving money.

What are your options?

On-Site Recycling or Off-Site Disposal

OFF-SITE Removal

The costs of solvent waste removal are one of the highest seen by both shops and manufacturers. With typical waste disposal companies, they pick up your waste, typically 55gal drums (drums that you purchase) they dispose of waste (at your expense) however often times the company disposing of the waste will recycle the waste themselves. Once they recycle the waste they then turn right around and… you guessed it, seen your recycled clean solvent… making money off of your waste. By having a waste removal company dispose of your waste you literally are giving away dollars from your bottom line.

ON-SITE Solvent Recycling

Solvent Recycling

Shops using on-site solvent waste recycling systems have gained significant savings by reducing not only material used, as well as solvent waste removal costs. By using an on-site solvent distillation process shops have reduced solvent purchases by as much as 80%. There are several options when it comes to on-site recycling. There are paint spray gun cleaning systems integrated with an automatic solvent recycling system. These systems automatically transfer the recycled solvent into a cleaning unit. Some systems offer a feature in which solvent waste is poured into or transferred to a solvent distillation recycler, using a pump system to load the waste into the recycler. Most find this the preferred method since operators do not need to watch over the equipment with an automated process.

Why recycle solvent waste?

Saving time and money equalling increased profits.
  • Reduce Hazardous Waste by 80+%
  • Reduce Solvent Purchases by 80+%
  • Typical payback is less than 1.5 years
  • Environmentally sound practice
  • The Control solvent waste and proper handling

Here is a link to the EPA that you may find to be helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Solvent Recycling.

Improper Disposal and Storage of Waste can be quite costly…