“What makes BECCA’s gun cleaners different from every other gun washer?”

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“What makes BECCA’s gun cleaners different from every other gun washer?”


BECCA’s process was created to be an easy and sustainable method of cleaning guns. Our number one recommendation is that prior to using our spray gun cleaners painters should use our polishing system “Re-Nu”. This gives the spray gun a good, clean foundation to make maintaining spray gun cleanliness easier for the painter. The Re-Nu Process eliminates the past sins of previous cleaning methods that have left various levels of residues.

On every spray gun cleaner at BECCA, we have found through testing there are three basic tools…

  • Air Connect
  • Flow Brush
  • Power Pistol
Air Connect: The Air Connect, one of the most important steps, is the air connection for the air passageways on the gun. Connecting pressurized air to the gun prevents paint, solvent, or waterborne cleaning solutions from seeping into the air passageways. This will disrupt air flow from residue buildup and lead to corrosion (BECCA’s Water Wave will not harm air passageways but needs to be blown out).
Flow Brush: The Flow Brush is designed for cleaning the air cap and fluid tip and will not become ineffective as it begins to fray out as other brushes. We have designed our brushes with short cut bristles to prolong the brushes life. The Flow Brush will effectively clean out the small holes on both the air cap and fluid tip, ensuring proper air flow and paint atomization.

Power Pistol: The Power Pistol will send a pulse flush through your spray gun inserting into the gravity feed portion (fluid nipple) of the spray gun. This will clear the fluid passageways of paint and clear out any clumps of paint. 
BECCA’s solvent gun cleaners can handle any solvents that your painters use. For our waterborne gun cleaners we recommend the use of our cleaning solution “Water Wave”. Water Wave comes in 8oz. bottles and one 8oz. bottle will be added to 5 gals of water. Distilled water will provide the best environment for cleaning spray guns, but if your local water has a low mineral content regular tap water will do the job. 
What makes Water Wave different? 

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  • Water Wave creates a microfilm coating. This microfilm coating reduces paints ability to stick to the metal. Note: this does not affect the performance of spray guns or end up on paint finish.
  • Water Wave has no solvents in it. Waterborne cleaning agents with solvent will cause waterborne paint to adhere to spray guns and is rather difficult to remove. Additionally, solvents are not good for different components on waterborne spray guns.
  • Water Wave has an antimicrobial. Water-based cleaning solutions create great homes for bacteria, which lead to smelly cleaning solutions. We have added antimicrobial properties to Water Wave to ensure it won’t smell like a sewer after two weeks, lasting more than 14 weeks longer than any other cleaning solution.
  • Water Wave is inexpensive. In cost per 5 gallons, Water Wave stands to be the lowest priced gun cleaning solution.

Water Wave Literature [click here]

BECCA aims to provide paint shops with the ability to easily use our equipment and waste management products while effectively reducing wasted time in.
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